Celery preparations have been used extensively for several millennia as natural therapies for acute and chronic painful or inflammatory conditions. Celery Seed Extract (CSE) and has been found to be at least as effective as aspirin, ibuprofen, and naproxen in suppressing arthritis in a model of polyarthritis. CSE can also reduce existing inflammation in rats. CSE has also been shown to provide analgesia in two model systems. CSE, in addition to acting as an analgesic and inflammatory agent, has been shown to protect against and/or reduce gastric irritation caused by NSAIDs, as well as act synergistically with them to reduce inflammation. The CSE was fractionated by organic solvent extractions, then subjected to column chromatography followed by HPLC and was characterized by mass spectrometry. This yielded a purified component that had specific inhibitory effects on Helicobacter pylori but was not active against Campylobacter jejuni or Escherichia coli. 

Powanda MC, Whitehouse MW, Rainsford KD.  Prog Drug Res. 2015;70:133-53.

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