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Formulated in South Africa in 1997 NAD+ Phyto is the worlds first stable NAD supplement. NAD+ (nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide) is found in every cell in the body and is essential to life As FirstNAD ambassador with Theo Verwey and all the people who gu
Theo Verwey 19.09.2019 0 503

Medical study finds rugby players are prone to enlarged hearts BRENT READ SENIOR SPORTS WRITER 11:00PM NOVEMBER 11, 2014 A TWO-YEAR study stemming from former rugby league star Phil Blake’s brush with death has revealed that athletes from the two rugby c
Theo Verwey 08.09.2019 0 434

This is the first study which non-invasively evaluated the NADH skin content in human superficial skin cells in highly trained athletes. Until now methods used to evaluate NADH level, and therefore mitochondrial function, were not easily accessible. Metabo
Theo Verwey 11.08.2019 0 428

The urgent need for tryptophan and nicotinamide equity goes literally against the grain of received wisdom. Meat equity is central to our healthy metabolism, cognition, and immune status and to future generations futures. Virgil was right, a balanced diet
Theo Verwey 08.08.2019 0 609

Japanese cell biologist Yoshinori Ohsumi won the Nobel Prize in Medicine in 2016 for his research on how cells recycle and renew their content, a process called autophagy. Fasting activates autophagy, which helps slow down the aging process and has a posit
Theo Verwey 06.08.2019 0 430

Whether you are training in the gym, making breakfast in the kitchen, or doing any sort of movement, your muscles need constant fuel in order to properly function. But where does that fuel come from? Well, several places is the answer. The Cori cycle (als
Theo Verwey 06.08.2019 0 378

Several of the components and reactions of the citric acid cycle were established in the 1930s by the research of Albert Szent-Györgyi, who received the Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine in 1937 specifically for his discoveries pertaining to fumaric ac
Theo Verwey 06.08.2019 0 409

Dear Theo I would like very much to contribute to your e-book and perhaps explain how my interest began and the experiences that changed my life when the truth about NAD therapy was revealed to me in 1980. I feel very much an obligation to help humanity w
Theo Verwey 01.08.2019 0 418

Some people are completely unconcerned about their age. They will also readily say, that they do not know how old they are. They have a youthful attitude towards life and also possess the obvious lust for life, which much younger people have. I think that
Theo Verwey 01.08.2019 0 442

I became interested in the pyridine nucleotide cycle, NADNADH in the early 1950's after we had demonstrated that vitamin B3, one of the main precursors of this system tripled the recovery rates of acute schizophrenic patients compared to a placebo. The pur
Theo Verwey 01.08.2019 0 429